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Wanting to prevent the spread of dust and hazards that may put you in danger? Need the right dust mask that will give you the protection that you need it?

STOP SEARCHING and keep your health and lungs PROTECTED with this respirator dust mask that will keep you safe from all the dangerous toxins and chemicals in the air. The last couple of years have been very destructive with a lot of fires and millions of people were exposed to wildfire smoke that can be very dangerous for you and the health of your loved ones. Having the right protection is #1 PRIORITY these days, that is why we have designed this effective dust mask, so you can breathe safely again!

Why This Pollution Mask is Definitely Something You MUST HAVE?

  • Lightweight and Breathable Material – Compared with other respiratory mask that are made from mesh nylon material, our pollution mask is made of neoprene fabric that is very flexible, water-resistant, latex free and super tough that makes is an excellent insulator that protect the wearer from breathing in some hazardous substances.
  • Amazing Design – Activated carbon dust mask is designed with adjustable aluminum nose clip that can be shaped to your nose for a perfect fit that PREVENTS SLIPPING and has a very limited range of adjust-ability before breaking.
  • Reusable – Dust mask shell and valves can be washed when they get dirty. Suitable for all activities where you may be exposed to dust, pollution, smoke, haze- limit/prevent contact with air contaminants and KEEP HEALTHY. 

INCLUDED:  1 x Dust-proof Mask 2 x Disposable Filters 2 x Valves. Our goal is to make your 100% Satisfaction- our researchers and designers worked tirelessly to bring you the highest quality phenomenal mask!

ORDER NOW, you will love it or your MONEY BACK!

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